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The Times They Are A Changin'

eagle feather We Want To At Least Add ...

  • A doubly secure online ordering system.
  • Occasional surveys to learn what clients and visitors want.
  • A message board so you can find answers or share information with other like-minded souls.
  • A calendar of events for rendezvous, powwows, and living history events.
  • And possibly a newsletter of current events, new product and special offers from us or our affiliates, an occasional recipe for eatin' good at camp, and other such info.
Such improvements may require often misunderstood technologies - ScriptsJava AppletsCascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Cookies.   I'll try to briefly explain each using the K-I-S (Keep It Simple) method.

Scripts   cannot be used to read, write, or change files or settings on your computer.  JavaScript, PHP, and VBScript, the three most often used scripting languages, are simply text files used by a web site's developer to:

  • improve security for site visitor's that may submit information online;
  • make a site more dynamic or interactive with visitors;
  • format and present information to a browser;
  • tell the site owner what pages people visited, allowing us another way to determine the interests of visitors to our site;
  • other similar secure activities.

Java Applets   are small programs written in the Java language.  Their best uses are to make a web site more interactive and/or efficient for a site's visitors.   You have to be careful of the sites you visit, because applets can be programmed by disreputable people to cause problems.  We recommend turning java on for your browser, but select "Prompt before accepting" in your security settings.

Cascading Style Sheets:   96%+ of our visitors and 99+% of our clients are already using browsers of version 5.0 or later.  Newer browsers (see "Browser Upgrades" below) allow us to make a change on one master page, which, in turn, automatically makes related changes throughout the web site. We can then spend more time developing new products, services, and information.

Cookies:   A "cookie" is simply a small piece of text that a web server stores temporarily with your browser.  They are NOT programs, meaning they do not DO anything to your computer.  They simply store a bit of information that helps the site work more efficiently for its visitors.

For example, if you ever ordered anything online the site's shopping cart software probably stored a cookie with your browser.  As you moved from page to page on the site the cookie helped the shopping cart remember what you had previously put in your shopping cart.

Or if you regularly visit a message board, like we want to add to our site, a cookie can remember you and automatically sign you in.  If you ever used an online educational site, cookies were used to remember what lesson you completed last, so they know where to start you out on your next visit.

Like I said, there are A FEW disreputable sites that take advantage of such technologies.  All of the newer browsers allow you to Block or Allow cookies from specific sites in their "Privacy" settings.  Check out your browser's Tools -> Options settings.

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Browser Upgrade Sites

Firefox Browse faster, safer and more efficiently than with any other browser.  Imports your Favorites, settings and other information, so you lose nothing.  Built-in popup blocker, and a comprehensive set of privacy tools.  RSS integration lets you read the latest from your favorite syndicated sites.
MSIE About 82% of the people surfing the web use IE.  Is that because it's good - or because it came with their Microsoft Windows operating system??
Opera Hailed as the fastest browser by users and press worldwide. Uses less memory and less hard drive space than other browsers, making you more productive on the Web. Their free version uses ad banners at the top (which you can scroll down from) to support their overall development project.  Can buy an ad-free version for only $39 USD
Avant A fast, stable, multi-window browser. Allows users to browse multiple Web sites simultaneously and block all unwanted pop-up pages and Flash ads automatically. Built-in Google search engine. Download through CNet.

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