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Ordering & Shipping Information

eagle feather Can't Find What You Want?
Most buckskin clothing and accessories use style elements common to a particular region and time period.  If you want an item we don't currently offer "snail mail" us a description and drawing (or photo) of what you want, along with your measurements, and we will quote you a price.  Similarly, we can weave your wampum designs, as well as our own (obviously) using the very old double-thread method.

eagle featherBuying Online

Yes, we have a way to order online.  Until we find time to install, configure, fill in all product information, and test a full site shopping cart, you can use PayPal.  You no longer need a Paypal account to buy online - just to sell.
1.  Send us an email including:

  • All info you would put on the Order Form:  your full name, street address & zip code, email address, and phone number
  • Appropriate measurements from the Measurement Form for each item you want
2.  Then go to Pay Pal's site, click on their "Send Money" tab, fill in all requested information, including the total amount to send for products and shipping, and Send it.  Use our for the "Email Address" to send the payment to.

Paypal will send a confirmation email to both of us. In turn, we will email you that we have received your order and payment.

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eagle featherIf You Prefer Mail Order
Some people still prefer Mail Order to buying online.  To print our Order Form simply go to that page and click on your browser's [ Printer ] icon or use the [ File / Print ] menu sequence.

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eagle featherWe Need Your Measurements

Nothing kinky intended here.  Since we make rifle cases and buckskin clothing according to your measurements you need to send us those measurements.  If ordering by mail order, print our Measurements form (like you did the Order Form above), fill in the appropriate measurement boxes, and send it with your order.  Or, if paying online through Paypal, email the measurements, as instructed above under " Buying Online

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eagle featherShipping

Rather than arbitrary percentage or dollar amounts like others use, we add shipping according the actual weight of your order.

To U.S. addresses we may use either USPS Parcel Select or UPS "Ground" services.   To non-U.S. addresses we use USPS Priority International Express service.  In either case a complete street address is needed for delivery.  Non-U.S. addressees should also include their full telephone number, in case the postal service needs to call about delivery.  Always include your email address, so we can notify you when your order ships, or if we have questions?

Very Important!  We do not have staff keeping track of taxes and tariffs of all the various countries we sell to.  Therefore, import taxes, fees, and other costs of importing by non-U.S. addressees are the responsibility of the purchaser (if they catch you).

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eagle featherAbout Payment
Payments must be made in U.S. Currency.   All prices are stated in U.S. Dollars.

Other payment plans may sound better than "full payment", but you always pay the full amount in one form or another before you get the product, whether it's to a store or a delivery person.   Yes, you have to be careful today.  This is an industry of small dealers, most of whom will be in business today and gone tomorrow when they learn it's not as easy, fun and profitable as they thought.

I've been doing this for over one-third of a century.  I would not have been around that long if I didn't provide quality workmanship and honest service.

We've made items in the past for a deposit or simply on "good faith".  Then the client, sometimes close friends, spent their money elsewhere, and could not pay for their order.  As it is there's very little income in this business.  You have to love what you're doing.  Like other mail order and internet businesses, we are forced to ask full payment with your order (in U.S. dollars).

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eagle featherProduction & Delivery Time
Most of our products are hand crafted according to each client's measurements, design, etc.  Therefore, most can only be made after receiving an order.  We cannot control when we will receive a large number of orders or a number of large orders.   Nor can we always control availability of materials.  For buckskin and rawhide there is only a limited quantity available each year.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery on U.S. orders for buckskin, rawhide, or wampum items.  Orders from non-U.S. and non-Canadian clients will take about 1 to 2 weeks longer for delivery.  The fastest of my competitors for custom items claims "10 to 14" weeks - and they lace their clothing together.

If we find it will take much longer, as in the winter when we and the tanneries have low or no inventories, we will email you as soon as we know of possible delays.  That's another reason we need your email address.  NO we do NOT use email to "spam" people.

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eagle featherReturn Policy
As we mentioned before, most of our products are "made-per-order"".  Each item is made for a specific individual.  That's why we ask you to be careful in following our measuring instructions and in taking those measurements.

It is unlikely we could ever find someone else of the exact size with the exact style and color preferences without spending more on such a search than the item cost to make.  Therefore, unless we have made a mistake (we are human too) we cannot accept returned personalized items.

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eagle featherCancellation Policy
We will accept only written order cancellations ("snail mail" or email) with the following conditions:

  • An item may be cancelled if I have not started work on it.   This may include cutting the hides, setting up the loom for wampum, and so on.  Also, I cannot accept cancellations after I ordered and paid for items specific to your order/item that I don't normally use.
  • On all cancelled orders I will retain eight percent (8%) of the total product amount from any refund to cover the costs of bank fees and/or charges associated with the order being cancelled.

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