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Who We Are

All Buckskin Clothing & Wampum Weaving Is "Los Indios Made"

Gary A. Reneker, owner
Lenape/Can. Me'tis: #1000045663

Kathleen Reneker,  "better half"
Lenape/Can. Me'tis: #1000047560

On This Page: A Quarter Century... We Get Personal
Follow Strict Policies Our Privacy Policy

eagle feather A Quarter Century Of Learning
For more than a quarter century we have researched original buckskin clothing, crafts, accessories, and lifestyles of both our Euro- and Native American frontier ancestors. Since 1979 we have been reproducing many of those items for clients in several countries.

eagle feather We Get Personal
We are primarily a "made-per-order" business. That is, "personalized" products (especially buckskin clothing) are made for you according to your measurements after receiving your order.

eagle feather We Follow Strict Policies
In addition to those required by law, every business needs to set policies to guide its development and growth. Four policies were originally set for our business that we still strictly follow a quarter of a century later.
    1.  Never stop learning about our frontier ancestors - native and euro.
    2.  Learn from as close to original sources as possible - NOT from novels, artists paintings, or "hearsay research" around a campfire.
    3.  Make or sell museum quality products that use historically accurate style elements to both honor our ancestors and provide clients with the most realistic living history experience.
    4.  Make or sell products as though each is being made for a close friend.

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eagle feather Our Privacy Policy
Our policy is very simple. Except as may be required by law (if you're a bad boy or girl), we at no time, under any circumstance, sell, lease, rent, or otherwise voluntarily share with anyone the personal information entrusted to us by our customers and visitors. Such information is protected and kept in strict confidence.  In fact, if paying online through PayPal we don't even see your credit card numbers.

If you want products made by someone who has as much pride in their craftsmanship as you hope to have in using what they make, then you've come to the right place.

Thank you for visiting with us.

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