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Men's Buckskin Leggings
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Have you read our info articles about original frontier buckskin clothing and how we make ours?

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About Western Men's Leggings:  Men's leggings reach from just below the ankle up to the groin level.  They are held on by strips of buckskin at the legging tops tied to a waist belt (same belt as the breechclout).  men used strips of leather or other leg ties wrapped and tied just above the calves to help keep leggings from pulling down on the waist belt when bending and working. Leggings are priced according to " Combined Inches". That is, add   1. the distance around your thigh at groin level to   2. the distance around the height of your inseam.

Southern & S.Central Plains Buckskin Leggings

Made with the animal's hind legs at the bottom, and buckskin ties sewn on at the top.  Thonged every few inches, as the originals were.  Side edges are snipped into about 1 1/2" (3.7 cm) long fringe.

Euro-merican traders and trappers rarely wore this style legging, as they rarely established any positive relations with the native people who wore them.  Also, it takes larger hides to make this style legging, and the euro-merican probably thought that was a waste of buckskin.

Note:  Sample buckskin colors may vary slightly depending on your browser.  But then, colors vary slightly anyway between batches of buckskin during the smoking or dyeing processes.

Indian Tanned Hides
Hide Color Size Product
Price Shpg

Naturally smoked color

Combined Inches
Up to 56"
(140 cm)
CL018-K1L $ 323.00 2.0  
Combined Inches
57" to 62"
(141 to 155 cm)
CL018-K2L $ 354.00 2.2  

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