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Western Ceremonial Buckskin 

Western ceremonial breechclouts hung down to a couple inches (5cm) above the knee cap in either front or back, and to the ankle on the other side.  "White" buckskin was often used by the Crow people, and "Heavy smoked" buckskin by the Blackfeet.

Original buckskin breechclouts were narrow, continuous strips of buckskin.  Eventually, to save hides and the time needed to tan them, clouts may be made by sewing 2 or 3 short pieces together to get the length needed.  That's the way most are made today.

Note:  Sample buckskin colors may vary slightly depending on your browser.  But then, colors vary slightly anyway between batches of buckskin during the smoking or dyeing processes.
Indian Tanned Hides
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Up to 34" Waist
(85 cm)
CL047-K1U $ 159.00 1.2  
35" to 39" Waist
(85 to 100 cm)
CL047-K2U $ 168.00 1.3  
40" to 46" Waist
(101 to 115 cm)
CL047-K3U $ 177.50 1.4  

Normal smoking

Up to 34" Waist
(85 cm)
CL047-K1L $ 159.00 1.2  
35" to 39" Waist
(85 to 100 cm)
CL047-K2L $ 168.00 1.3  
40" to 46" Waist
(101 to 115 cm)
CL047-K3L $ 177.50 1.4  

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