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Have you read the info articles about original frontier buckskin clothing and how I make mine?

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About Late Western Plains Shirts:  Similar to european style clothing, these buckskin shirts were fully sewn around shoulders, down sleeves, and down the sides to about 2" (5 cm) below the waist using smaller, authentic stitches.  The hides are trimmed for a more tailored look than on earlier buckskin shirts.  All have about 6" (15 cm) even length fringe panels added to both sleeve and shoulder seams.  Bottoms are cut into about 1 1/2" (3.75 cm) fringe, but there is no fringe along the sides.  Cuffs at the wrists are snipped into wide, but very short fringe.  Total shirt length is about to mid-thigh.

Sleeves are a little shorter than on Euro-American shirts - just about to the wrist bone when your arms are hanging straight down along your sides.  Native did not like the sleeves longer, and getting in their way when working or using their weapons.

The only difference in these buckskin shirts is the shape of the neck flaps.  Many continued to use their earlier styles of neck flaps.  Some in the central and northern plains, though, adapted a trapezoidal shaped neck flap - a hybrid between the earlier northern and central plains styles.  As on their early buckskin shirts, edges of neck flaps on central and southern plains shirts are snipped into very short fringe.  Neck flaps are attached with a red trade cloth facing around the neck hole using the larger size stitching originally used for rifle cases and neck flaps.

The front and back panels of buckskin shirts (and dresses), including the neck flaps, should always be decorated the same, since you are the same person whether you are coming or going.

Late Style Southern 
		Plains Buckskin Shirt

Principle nations:  Kiowa, Arapaho, Comanche.

Front and back neck flaps were very elongated triangles with edges snipped into short fringing.  Panels of about 6" (15 cm) fringe added at shoulder seams and down sleeves. About groin level in length.

Note:  Sample buckskin colors may vary slightly depending on your browser.  But then, colors vary slightly anyway between batches of buckskin during the smoking or dyeing processes.
Indian Tanned Hides
Hide Color Size Product
Price Shpg


Normal smoking

Up to 44" Chest
(111-125 cm)
CL050-K1L $ 540.00 5.4  
45" to 50" Chest
(127 cm)
CL050-K2L $ 592.00 6.2  

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