Authentically Handcrafted Buckskin Clothing & Wampum Weaving Since 1979

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G.A. Reneker
P.O. Box 473
Dillsburg, PA 17019


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eagle feather Our Privacy Policy
Except as may be required by law (if you're a bad boy or girl), we at no time, under any circumstance, sell, lease, rent, or otherwise voluntarily share with anyone the personal information entrusted to us by our customers and visitors. Such information is protected and kept in strict confidence.

eagle feather Why A P.O. Box?
Historic crafts businesses are usually small, "cottage industries" with home and shop at the same address. Their income, in most cases, is earned at events away from shop and home. While on the road their homes are often unprotected.

We've made a lot of friends and associates through our business, and no enemies that I know of. But there are many certifiable "whacko's" out there. I sometimes travel without my "better half", leaving her home alone. I don't like risking one of those "whacko's" learning that I'm out of town and stopping by. I got 'er pretty well trained, and don't wanna start over. (I'll get smacked hard for that one!)

Unlike some industries, a P.O. Box address in this industry does not mean "fly-by-night". There are always a few, but most just want to keep their private homes private. Thanks for understanding.

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