Traditionally Handcrafted Wampum Weaving

Wampum Design Paper

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When you print this page the design area will not be precisely to scale.  That is, 1" on the paper will not be exactly 1" on a ruler.  So instead of using a ruler to measure your design use the inch marks noted on our design paper.

Photocopy as many pages as needed for your design.  Cut and paste the pieces together.  Elmer's white glue is fine.  If you tape the pieces together put the tape on the back, or it may interfere with your drawing on the front.  To be safe, number each piece in sequence with a red pen, so we can put them back together if they come apart in the mail (it happens occasionally).

A couple hints to make it easy on yourself.
1.  If your overall design is centered with one half exactly mirroring the other, simply draw one half of the design. Then mark which end is to be the center. We'll reverse it then beginning at that center line.
2.  If your overall design is a series of the same pattern repeated several times, just draw the smaller pattern and tell us how many times to repeat it.

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