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William Penn - Tamanend
Treaty Belt  (1682)

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1st Wm Penn Treaty Belt

Often called the "1st William Penn Belt".  Presented to Lenape (Delaware) Chief Tamanend by William Penn prior to their treaty council as evidence of his sincerity.  Penn was requesting a grant of land from the Lenape (Luh-nah'-pay).  After their council Chief (or Sachem) Tamanend presented the Tamanend-Penn Belt (aka the "William Penn Treaty Belt") to Penn as an expression of Lenape sincerity to live in peace with their neighbors.

The figure with the white heart represents Penn and the Euro-Americans.  The other represents Sachem Tamanend and the Lenape.  The rectangles express that their council (inner box) was guided by the peace and truth of the Great Spirit (outer box).  The parallel diagonal lines signify the Euro-Americans and Lenape living side by side in harmony, but each with their own culture.

Weaving Size
Price Shpg
3 9/16" x 17 5/8"
(9 cm x 45 cm)
OH001-P1 $ 173.00 .8  

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