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Wandering Path
Treaty Belt  (1737)

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Wandering Path Treaty Belt (aka "Walking Purchase")

After William Penn died his sons eventually gained control of his English land grant colony, Penn's Woods (Pennsylvania).  They utterly trampled on the peace and good will their father had established in 1682 with the Lenape (Luh-nah'-pay).

This belt, often referred to as the "Walking Purchase Treaty Belt" by the English, represents a new agreement between the Lenape and the Pennsylvania colonists.

Though they and their colonists would receive a great deal more land from the Lenape that they truthfully had a right to, the Lenape were granted the supposed rights to freely hunt, fish, and travel across that land forever(?).  Hence the name, "Wandering Path".

Weaving Size
Price Shpg
5 3/8" x 17 1/8"
(13.5 cm x 44.5 cm)
OH003-P1 $ 255.00 1.2  

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