Traditionally Handcrafted Wampum Weaving

Wabanaki Caughnawaga
Message Belt  (mid-1600's)

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Wabanaki-Caughnawaga Message of Intent BeltHalf beads in belt

This is a small belt, but it served its purpose.  The photo above shows the first copy we made of this belt woven on buckskin.  Originals, as well as replicas we now make, are woven on twisted plant fibers.

Not all belts were "treaty" belts.  Some belts were invitations to council.  Others were intended to be messages of intent or desire.  As far as we can determine, this is one of those many belts carrying a message of intent.

The white background signifies the peaceful intent of the Wabanaki.  Their four nations, represented by the crosses, have agreed in council, as signified by the rectangle, to establish peace with the Caughnawaga.

This belt is somewhat unusual, at least of those still in existence, in that it uses half-beads to make the crosses.  Note the image above to the right.  Its smaller size, though, is representative of "invitation" or "intention" belts, and many early "treaty" belts.

Weaving Size
Price Shpg
1 1/2" x 10 7/8"
(3.7 cm x 28 cm)
OH007-P1 $ 64.00 .2  

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