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Museum Researched, Authentically Handcrafted Buckskin Clothing, Accessories and Wampum Weaving For Accurate Portrayal of North America's Frontier Cultures.
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78% of web surfers use search engines regularly to find what they want on the internet.  Most search engines now rate a site to some degree by how many other sites in a similar industry link to it.  Exchanging links with other sites in a similar industry can improve your ranking in search engines -- IF they are quality sites with good information.  Linking to poor sites can actually lower or hold down your ranking.

We occasionally find sites of non-competitors that may be of interest and benefit to our visitors.  Therefore, we created links pages to help visitors find other reputable, quality-oriented web sites.  Some pages are just now being created.

Rather than frustrating visitors by dumping all links onto one page, our links pages are categorized by type of product/service.  This offers your site less visual competition on the links page.

We can help each other optimize our search engine ratings by trading links:
    A.  if you have a reputable, quality-oriented site that fits in one of the following categories, and
    B.  our sites meet each others' conditions (ours itemized below).

We recommend printing this page now, so you have this information available in your files.

        A.  CATEGORIES  for Link Exchanges (Obviously NO competitors with our primary product lines
of frontier buckskin clothing & wampum beadwork)
Non-Profit Native American Info or Service Organizations   Arts (performing) and Crafts (supplies & how-to)
Non-Profit Education & Family Service Organizations
  (e.g., historical info, assistance, gov't, etc.)
  Crafts People:  Native American
   (YOU make the products)
Non-Profit History Reenactment Organizations
  (focused on North America's colonial/fur trade eras)
  Crafts People:  Non-Native American
   (YOU make the products)
Non-Profit Museums, forts, and similar sites
  (with significant info and exhibits regarding
   North America's colonial/fur trade eras)
   (Hunting/Fishing camps, outdoor excursion
   groups, custom equipment makers, etc.)
      Small Business Supplies or Services
       B.  CONDITIONS  For Link Exchanges

Reputable, quality-oriented businesses and organizations will find no objections to these conditions - and they're the only sites we care to exchange links with.

  1. Search engines seldom index "free" sites, because  (a.) "spammers" tend to use those services, and (b.) "free" sites are often here today and gone tomorrow, leaving broken links all over the web.  It wouldn't be of any benefit for another site to link to you.  Therefore, You must have your own domain URL, and it should NOT point to a "freebie" host.
  2. For obvious reasons, unless they have more business than they can handle, nobody exchanges links with direct competitors of their primary product lines.  Neither do we.  We will trade links with other clothing makers and bead workers that aren't selling frontier style buckskin clothing or wampum beadwork.
  3. Your site must NOT contain vulgarity or sexually explicit materials, or link to sites that do. Occasionally students visit our site for term paper info.
  4. Your site must NOT promote hatred or slander based on religion, race, nationality, or politics, or link to sites that do. A lively debate can be mentally stimulating, but there is no place among civilized people for absolute hatred or denigrating slander.
  5. You must provide a reciprocal link back to GA Reneker using the code below in section "C."  This code will open a separate window when someone clicks on it, and return them to your site when they close that window.
  6. Your web page with the link to GA Reneker:
    1. Must be available in English (may also be available in other languages),
    2. The GA Reneker link must be visible.  A few say they have link pages, but then "comment out" certain links or make them invisible by setting link colors to that of their page's background.
    3. Must NOT use frames.  Most search engines do not index framed pages.  Therefore, trading links with framed pages would be of no value to anyone else.
       C.  The PROCEDURE  For Link Exchanges
  1. Highlight all of the following code by dragging your cursor across it. Then right click your mouse, and click "Copy".
  1. With your html editor, paste the copied code where it is to appear on your web page.
  2. Save that page, and upload it to your web site.
  3. Email the following information to  [ ]
    1. Your name
    2. Your email address
    3. The full URL (absolute link) of the page where OUR link will appear on your site
    4. The full URL of YOUR page you would like us to link to on your site
    5. The category page (see Categories above) you think your site best fits into
    6. The name of your business
    7. A 150 word (or less) description of your business
  4. When we verify the information above we will place a reciprocal link to your site on our appropriate link page, and email you with the full URL to that link page (so you can check up on us).

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