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We Finish The Ends: Unless you order "wampum weaving only", we finish the ends
of our products instead of leaving you with a lot of loose ends like everyone else does.

Check out info articles about Originals and How We Make Ours.

Style Size Will Fit Arms
(Measure Above Bicep)
Approx. |Size
of Beading
Replace * In Prod # Price Each
5-Row Small 12" - 14" 1  13/16" x 9 1/4" .30 1 $ 48.50
Medium 14 1/2 - 16 1/2" 1  13/16" x 11 3/4" .35 2 $ 57.50
Large 16 1/2" - 19" 1  13/16" x 13 1/2" .40 3 $ 64.00

Photo Color Product #  
"Wandering Path"   Patterned from Lenape (Delaware) Walking Purchase treaty belt.
"Wandering Path" Wampum Arm Band  As shown: Blue on White DB001-P1*  
 Reversed: White on Blue DB002-P1*  
"Paths of Life"   Life is begun on one of two paths (male/female) by Creator's design. It is left behind on one of two paths by our design.
"Paths of Life" Wampum Arm Band  As shown: Blue on White DB003-P1*  
 Reversed: White on Blue DB004-P1*  
"Mother Earth" -- Rivers, mountains, streams and trails.
"Mother Earth" Wampum Arm Band  As shown: Blue on White DB005-P1*  
 Reversed: White on Blue DB006-P1*  
"Iroquois"  One house - five fires.
" Iroquois" Wampum Arm Band  As shown: White on Blue DB007-P1*  
 Reversed: Blue on White DB008-P1*  

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